Our main goal is customer satisfaction.  If you are not satisfied with your switch, or need other help, send us an email we are happy to help you out.  We have studied varitone switches and other guitar modifications.  We might be able to help you out.  If you are looking for a site on guitar electronics please check out www.guitarelectronics.com They have a great site and have tons of wiring diagrams. 


I am an active ebayer, and buy and sell tons of stuff. Check out my feedback:

BigDGuitars Ebay feedback

Customers Comments on my switch:

A recemt quote from the Fender Forum:

You can not compare the Gibson Varitone switch with the switch made by Big D,The Gibson switch is crap thats all there is to it,BB King has one on Lucille and does not use it,whats that tell you? Now if Gibson would install a Big D switch in Lucille I'm willing to bet that BB would use it.The problem here is that players will try out a Gibson with the switch,find the switch has a crappy sound and right away assume all Varitone switches are crappy no matter who made it.Not so.The same can be said about pups...

Other Feedback:

"If you mean the 5 position Varitone that Derek makes www.bigdguitars.com , it was short enough to fit a Les Paul and if you read my feedback about it, one of the greatest tonal changes for the money I ever made! I am very happy with it and would order more. My Luthier that works on my guitars, was very excited about it! After he installed it he kept the guitar an extra day to have fun with it... Hopefully this guitar will be in a guitar mag near you soon."

"Great product, zounds fabuluss,couldn't be a better transaction!--AaaaaYeaah-AAA"

"awesome switch highly recommended !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"This was a Super Cool Deal and I'm Glad because "BIG D" Speaks the TRUTH"

Comments on my guitar bodies:


"I am in awe of your work!!! I have been playing guitar for 20 years and have been searching for a not mass produced quality instrument for years.I've done warmoth also rampart guitars out of canada ect.I'll try not to be long winded but the perfect guitar should be the players dream guitar.In my case and in many other guitar players case your guitar fits the bill..."




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