What is a varitone?

If you are reading this then you need to get a hold of a B.B. King CD. Lucille, his signature guitar, is played with the varitone switch in position #5.

The best way to think of a varitone is in terms of color. Think of the sound of a guitar as a rainbow, millions of colors some we can't even see. A varitone acts as a filter, it allows some colors to pass through. The value of different capacitors allow different colors to pass through.

What is great is that some capacitors of the same value but different type of capacitor, e.g. mylar, ceramic, silicon-based, or oil will sound very different. You can have thousands of different variations of capacitors to produce many different tones. Capacitors as a rule of thumb filter brighter colors to the ground. This leaves more of a bassy type of sound. So in essence, a varitone will add different tones to your guitar. Instead of just having one capacitor on your tone control, you have 5 different tones with my varitone switch.

The main questions tone fanatics ask are:

How does a specific capacitor filter the frequencies of my guitar?

As with all things it depends on your setup. If you have a strat type of guitar the varitone switch will calm down the tones and bring more of that humbucker type of tone. If you have a humbucker equipped guitar your guitar will have the ability to sound like a hollow-body guitar.

What guitar will this fit?

My varitone switch will fit almost any type of guitar. It even fits the taller LP maple capped bodies. It works great with strats, Teles, LP, JEMS, Washburns...any type of guitar.

Will this work with active pickups?


When do you ship these?

I make them as the order comes in your order is processed ASAP, and I usually mail it the next day. For overseas orders I usually ship things on Fridays and Mondays.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes. I have shipped to every continent. Australia, Europe, Russia, Asia, South America, Middle East..every place that gets mail I ship to. Shipping usually takes around 10 business days.

Can you work on my custom guitar?

I do not take guitars by mail. I have tried this and it's nearly impossible to understand what you want over the phone. I have gotten things that are broken, and it's too much of a hassle.

Do you know how to fix such and such switch/amp/guitar from the 70's?

It's nearly impossible to find schematics from guitars and amps from the 70's. There are many companies that have gone under, leaving no docmentation.

I have three amps that I am looking for schematics for: A Nomad, Mustang 65, and Squawkbox I can't find anything on them and Nomad was a bigger company.

Can you help me with my custom wiring?

Most schematics are on a website called guitarelectronics.com. If it's not there, it's probably not worth doing.