About me:

I am a guitarist first and foremost. I have been playing the guitar for about 12 years, and have always been fascinated by the tone of the giants: T-Bone, BB, Stevie, Albert, Freddie, Clapton. I have been playing around with guitar modifications for years now, and the varitone switch is the result of several months' research and testing.

In addition to making these varitone switches, I am a marketing professional who specializes in data analysis. I also do some copy writing on the side.

I am a small business owner. I know that you guys/gals support me, and I will do whatever it takes to make you happy. Refunds are always given; please email me first about problems. We are all just trying to get through the day, so please give me 24 hours to answer your emails.

My Shop:

I don't have the greatest shop in the world, but that is not needed. I don't do a whole lot of finishing so this is perfect. I have all the tools I need (well almost, you can never have enough tools!). You don't need 20k, you just need to know how to use the ones you have!

I have recently moved and I am in a new shop. It's perfect! All the small tools are downstairs along with all my wood, and all the large tools are outside.

Basement Shop

The basement shop.

Varitone Station

Varitone Station.

Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Old Kitchen cabinets make good storage.

Lumber Storage
Additional Lumber Storage

Industrial lumber racks.

Sander, Cleaner, and More Storage

Sander, air cleaner, more storage.

Binding Station

Binding station.

Glue Press

Glue press for perfect glue lines: an old wine press with rebar support.

Garage Shop

Garage Shop.

Band Saw

More Storage and 18-inch band saw.

Joiner and Air Compressor

Joiner and extra air compressor.

Sanding Station

Sanding Station that holds planer on bottom.

Air Cleaner

Air Cleaner from Penn State Industries.

1500 lb Baby

My 1500lb baby. All the guitars are made on this.

And the most important tools:

1500 lb Baby

If you do any of this you need these. That pin router makes so much noise. Dust will kill, and I like to see my beautiful wife and daughter.